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Chicken and Eggs

Chicken is quite a mild flavoured meat in my opinion and I find the problem with chickens these days is that unless you can afford expensive corn fed or particular breeds, bred specially for the flavour of their meat, they often have a lack of flavour. So for the majority of us on a budget it is supermarket chickens.

I am very lucky I used to work with the wife a chicken farmer, they have beautiful free range chickens for eating and eggs. I base the price of my eggs and chickens on her prices. The prices charged for her eggs and poultry although a superior product is actually at the average price of supermarket chickens and cheap eggs.

This wonderful lady takes orders and brings eggs into work to sell once a week. Her husband also breeds chickens for eating but due to lack of refrigeration it is not feasible to sell these at the office but a visit to the farm is possible. Orders are taken several weeks or even months in advance for turkeys and geese, only available at Christmas, the majority of the office staff taking her up on this wonderful service. She would take a week’s holiday before Christmas when they are all slaughtered and drawn and trussed and wrapped in greaseproof paper. They are delivered to the office premises via a specially hired refrigerated van at a specified time for people to collect to take home. Although I haven’t worked there for three years and get my eggs for free from another friend, I still see her regularly for poultry, my Christmas/New Year goose and of course the gossip.

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